Thanks for a great weekend!

Hey everyone!

So first off we’d like to thank all of you who came out to see us at the Spring HandMade Market at 13th Street Winery over the weekend. And a very special thanks to those who decided to give a good number of our creations wonderful new homes.The Booth In fact both Arthur and Heather took the time to send emails after their individual purchases to share with us how much they were in enjoying their new additions to their homes… Thanks for that, what a thoughtful thing to do! We really do appreciate all the kind words and sentiments we heard about our furniture, lights and accessories from so many of you as you walked through the booth. It certainly provides more than enough inspiration to head back into the design and build phase again.

As far as the booth was concerned, Julie really outdid herself with the concept and design of how we were going to display our stuff in a 10’ x 10’ space. Everything just seemed to go so well together and had a really inviting look… Even the jars of spring flowers which seemed to like to grab my arm as I walked by… Of course, each time we sold something it became necessary to reset the display, especially when some of the larger tables made their way out of the booth.Light Building at the Show It even became necessary to create a couple more lights on the fly, one of which sold as soon as we put it on display. What a feeling that was! Here’s a picture of the second one being worked on behind the tent during the show. And yes, there are far worse places to work then at a winery, overlooking a valley on a warm spring day…

Suffice to say it was a great experience and we hope to be back out there again soon. We’ll post updates soon on a couple more markets and festivals we are hoping to go to as well.

Cheers, from the square pegs!

To market, to market…

Hey everyone, Mike here again. It’s been an incredibly busy week as we put the final touches on some projects that will make their debut at the HandMade Market in just a couple of days. One of these projects is a rolling cart with fold down arms which we have clad with some beautiful maple plus we have added some rejuvenated steel hardware. Light UpdateIt took a long time to reach completion from when we first started it but it has turned out so well. We have made a couple more tables and a few more accessories that are all turning out just as we had envisioned them (which I must say is very rewarding when it happens…). And for those who read the last blog, we have put the finishing touches on the light I was working on too. Check it out…

Of course with preparing all this wonderful new stuff comes the need to find creative and fun ways to display it all. Julie has been working tirelessly on designing and creating fantastic additions to help us display as much of our furniture, lights and accessories as we can… plus many of her paintings too (by the way, she has recently finished the last two works in her Niagara House Project and they are great!).Square Peg Design Sign We are especially excited about the way our new sign turned out. Julie had the idea to create a whitewashed wood sign, made of reclaimed pallet wood that would be framed by a big old frame she’s been trying to find a new use for. It has a new use… and one that we are very proud of.

Anyway, the HandMade market is happening this Friday and Saturday at 13th Street Winery, located at 1776 Fourth Ave in St. Catharines. And we’ll be there both days from 11 am to 7 pm. Come by and say hi and see what we’ve been up to lately!

Hope to see you there!